Sleep Tracker with Smart Sleep Coach

Start sleep better with Yullo
How it works?
Place your tracker under the mattress in the area of your chest
It tracks your sleep parameters while you're sleeping
All the parameters get sent to your smartphone
Yullo offers tips for your sleep improvement
Yullo helps
Интеллектуальная система карточек поможет понять что вам мешает и что помогает спать лучше.
Convenienсe matters
The paradox of sleep tracking is that tracking itself impacts the sleep. That is why we made Yullo so handy.
You will not even feel Yullo in your bed.
Your bed is made for sleep, not for a wires.
Yullo is so tiny that you can carry it everywhere you need.
Easy to use
1. Place your tracker under the mattress
2. Sleep as you usual do
3. Interact with Yullo by smartphone app

Tech Specs
3 months battery life
built-in li-pol accumulator
Bluetooth 4.0
Compatible Software
iOS 8 and above
Android 5 and above
Yullo is based on the advanced technology providing the accurate data about your heart beats, breathing, movements and snoring. Highly optimized hardware measures vibrations produced by your physiological processes. Sophisticated algorithms extracts the valuable information from these vibrations. The 91% accuracy is tested relatively to clinical polysomnography.
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